Today is the day 🙂

I finally invented something that actually helps me to trade better.

It was a hard journey filled with a number of failed experiments. I spent a lot of time with data analysis, did a lot of statistical experiments, tested a lot of ideas. I built a complex in-house data analysis system, downloaded and processed about 5 terrabytes of data (custom FTP server was even built along the way to handle the load). I even developed some MetaTrader indicators along the way.

At the end I came to the conclusion that all tools I can develop must have the core component: an experienced trader as their user. Yes, some of my indicators had pretty good short-term predictive power but they still can’t be used on autopilot. I still need to analyse the market before making the final decision.

So, instead of digging into the data even deeper I decided to take a break and find a way to become a better trader by myself. There is no sense in developing all these tools until I become able to use them effectively.

I already told you that I developed in-house trading simulation tool some time ago. I hoped that after I spend some time playing at a high speed, I will develop a better sense of the market. It didn’t work out so I gave up and focused on data analysis.

This time I decided to give it yet another try. I thought about the music school I attended in my childhood. While I hated it, it gave me some basic violin playing skills. I learned not only the violin itself, but the right systematic approach to learning: a lot of practice, starting with the simpliest exercises, gradually increasing their complexity.

So, instead of playing my simulator in a ”free flight” mode, I decided to develop some lessons and exercises, starting from the most obvious trading setups. The idea was to start small and gradually develop some basic trading skill.

It was just pure idea at the very beginning. I quickly developed quick-and-dirty algorithms and interfaces to try it as quickly, as possible. I didn’t even expected it to become something big. The goal was to fail faster 🙂

But, after playing with it for about an hour, I started to notice the difference. While I was almost always wrong at the very beginning, I got more and more correct entry points over time. My stops became tighter and tighter as well.

Then, after I returned back to real-time trading, I found that my trading style changed as well. I no longer rushed to enter by the market. I started to create limit orders with small stops at better levels than before. I became patient and greedy 🙂

So, I spent more time polishing this part of the product. It took me almost 2 weeks from the idea to the moment when I was able finish an hour-long exercise in just 10-15 seconds. It means that I can get a day worth of practice in just few minutes. The subconscious does the rest.

It’s still an experimental tool, so I decided to trade demo account until I get at least a single month of profitable trading. I expect to return to trading real money in about 2-3 weeks.

I’m still using and polishing the product for at least 6 hours a day, but I also feel that it’s time to share it with other traders as well.

It’s in beta, it’s free, but it will take some time to get used to. I feel that it’s not for everyone because it requires patience. So, don’t even download it if you don’t want to invest at least 10 hours of your life into boring training. It’s not fun to analyse the market and place orders again and again.

On the other side, it really helped me and I hope that it may help some of you as well. Please tell me if you get some ideas along the way, especially if they are about new lessons and exercises.

More details and download links are here:

As the final disclaimer: It comes with no guarantee, it’s boring and full of bugs, it may not work for you and you may just waste your time. Like the music school in my childhood 🙂